Financial Solutions


Family Bank

  • Pay all your Credit Card debt 
  • Pay off your Mortgage and Student Debt in 9 years or less 
  • Create a fund for emergencies and emotional purchases
  • Set up a plan for College
  • Build a Tax Free Retirement 
  • Recover all the interest costs associated with your lifestyle
  • Use your money with No fees, penalties, or market risk
  • We help to find money you are using inefficiently  


Business Bank

  • Self Finance your business
  • Purchase equipment with Your Bank
  • Recover targeted expenses
  • Set up Employee Retirement Programs
  • Everyone should be in Two Businesses: The Business that creates your revenue and The Business that finances your business


Financial Education in the Workplace


•Increase employee productivity

•Reduce absenteeism

•Increase employee’s loyalty to the company

•Reduce employee’s stress related illnesses and mental disorders

•Decrease direct employer cost relates to wage garnishments, bankruptcies and administrative costs for borrowing against retirement plans